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Image by Green Chameleon


"But the big idea I want to discuss with you , is not that 3D printing is going to catapult the future, but rather that it's actually going to connect us with our heritage, and it's going to usher in a new era of localized, distributed manufacturing that is actually based on digital fabrication"

Avi Reichental (CEO of 3D Systems)

DESIGN EXPERIMENT INNOVATE. These 3 words summarize our mission at 3DPRINTANDESIGN. We believe that expertise and innovation are built trough experimenting. 3D printing is a new manufacturing technology that is making it possible to materialize complex design with no concern of intensive and expensive manufacturing plants cost. It opens door to so many possibilities such as fast prototyping, fast manufacturing, small batch production, fast customization, etc.  3DPRINTANDESIGN goal is to explore the technology, conduct experiments and use design and engineering to create solutions that have practical use in people lives.  

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