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These are stl files ready for 3d printing

There are 15 stl files in the zip folder. It a spliting of the handbag to make it easy for 3d printing.

Voronoi handbag redesigned stl files for 3d printing

  • Materials needed:

    -TPU filament 95A or 82A (Preferably recreus Filaflex  filament ) link to their website here

    -ABS filament 

    -Tetrahydrofuran High Purity Solvent ( available on amazon) 

    Printing bed size requirement:


    Printing setting:



    Retraction distance: 4

    Retraction speed: 40

    Printing temperature: 230

    Build plate temperature: Not required

    Support: yes

    For the assembly video please click this link to see how to put everything  together 

  • A Voronoi pattern provides clues about how nature operates. It shows nature tendency to favor efficiency.