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Materials needed:

-TPU filament 95A or 82A (Preferably recreus Filaflex  filament ) link to their website here

-Tetrahydrofuran High Purity Solvent ( available on amazon) 

Printing setting:



Retraction distance: 4

Retraction speed: 40

Printing temperature: 230

Build plate temperature: Not required

Support: no

For the assembly video please click this link to see how to put everything  together 

Voronoi wallet stl files for 3d printing

  • A Voronoi pattern provides clues about how nature operates. It shows nature tendency to favor efficiency. It prioritizes the shortest path, the nearest neighbor. 

    Examples of Voronoi patterns in nature are the skin of a giraffe, corn on the cob, the cells in a leaf, head of a garlic, dragonfly wings, etc.

    Multifunctionality is one key characteristic of nature efficiency. Why waste time and resources to do only one thing while you can perform many operations with one resource?

    "In nature there is no separation between design, engineering and fabrication. The bone does it all " Neri Oxman

    We can learn from nature and maximize on any output. A multi skill person is more valuable to  a company than an employee who can only do one thing.

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